TPMP: here are the photos of the new columnists, big surprise!

Like every year, Cyril Hanouna called on newcomers to complete your band of columnists. This Thursday, August 25, he decided to resume his marks, but above all to test his new recruits. The new season of TPMP was then unveiled, and it is intended to be funny and quirky.

The new season of TPMP

This August 29, from 7:10 p.m., all TPMP fans will find themselves in front of C8. The fans seem to be more and more numerous and for this new season, Cyril Hanouna has decided not to disappoint them. During a recording session, TVMag interviewed the host. ” The trend for this new season will be to be more in a good mood, he told us. There will always be big issues and debates, but we will focus more on entertainment. People want to laugh and so do we.says the host.

As for the chroniclers, we can find the recurring stars. Such as Valérie Benaïm, Kelly Vedovelli, Géraldine Maillet, and Bernard Montiel. As well as Gilles Verdez, Guillaume Genton, and Benjamin Castaldi… Others have been invited to TPMP by Cyril Hanouna during the filming of these pilots. They serve as tests for new columnists. Together, they seek to find the personalities who would be the most entertaining in TPMP. They chat and interrogate newcomers to find out who would bring the most pep to the show C8. Finally, Cyril Hanouna will have the last word on who leaves and who stays!

New columnists?

On the side of the new ones, we can therefore find Radia Kebaili, a nail technician who attended a debate on their wearing of the veil. Journalist Céline Alonzo of Sud radio. Belgian influencer Camille Fischbach. But also Nicolas Perrin, a man who travels a lot. Lamal El Pistolero, an artist seen in Face à Baba. As well as, Sally Sanogo a model and actress. Finally, Antoni Ruiz (William at noon) and comedian Anthony Ross.

Still among the potential new recruits we can name: Nino Arial (former banker who became a youtuber), Ilyès Djadel (seen at Marrakech du rire). Even more surprisingly, Léna Guillou from Marseille and companion of footballer Adil Rami was also part of the filming. She had appeared for a TPMP pilot. However, TV Magazine confided that the darling of the footballer “took speech without really making an impression”. According to her boyfriend, she should get out of the TV world. ” For me, she has extraordinary potential, she can go much higher”he announced facing the camera.

However, if they have all participated in certain filming assignments, nothing seems certain for them. And this, Cyril Hanouna has always said. ” I I am a bit like the Didier Deschamps of television, I observe, I reflect and I will make decisions”, he explains. Some may never come back. Everything still seems to be in full reflection for the host of TPMP Cyril Hanouna. However, he knows one thing: that “four or five people will join the team with certainty”. The suspense is therefore present pending the verdict of Cyril Hanouna.

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