Top of the best watch faces for the Apple Watch

When it comes to personalizing the Apple Watch, the face chosen for the screen is of paramount importance. It should match the user’s personal style, display their most important information, and be aesthetically pleasing.

With the launch of watchOS 9 and its new features, theAppleWatch offers even more dial. Many are tailored to specific situations and occasions, and the choices can be overwhelming. The good news is that the best Apple Watch faces are already pre-installed on your smartwatch. Keep reading!

California: a versatile Apple Watch dial

The Apple Watch’s California face has been one of the most popular since it was released in WatchOS 6. Simple and elegant, with its square or round shape, the California seduces the public with its resemblance to a traditional watch. You can stuff it with data or leave it minimal. The many complications are fully customizable.

The user can therefore choose what he wishes to display, or prefer to deactivate them completely. It is possible to change the shape and design of the numerals of the time display, and take a look at the complications that run on the dial. There is an excellentte alternative, for those who have the Apple Watch Series 3 or earlier: the typographic.

Typographer: ideal for more information at a glance

This magnificent dial is of exemplary simplicity. As its name suggests, typography plays a major role in this type of dial. In fact, it is possible to choose between three custom character styles: classic, modern and rounded. No complications are available with the four oversized numerals. However, they can be customized as desired, with options to change the fill color or the background color.

Additionally, the user can choose to display only four digits (12, 3, 6, 9) or all 12 digits on the face of the smartwatch, along with the script in which they wish to display them. For this purpose, he can choose between Arabic, Indian Arabic, Devanagari and Roman.

Playtime: a relaxing Apple Watch faces

apple watch dial

Sometimes you just need to relax daily. For this, you can turn to watch faces that encourage you to relax like Playtime. This one isn’t just for kids, even though it looks like it. It can adorn a women connected watch. The dial displays a changing animated picture which creates an effect of peace.

The playtime is also the result of Apple’s collaboration with Joi Fulton, and it brings a little interactivity. In fact, all you have to do is turn the digital crown to change the background. Choose the image you want to see. You even have the option ofadd your own photos. Choose a style, then add complications if you want.

Metropolitan: A dial for formal environments

Metropolitan is one of the new watch faces that made its appearance with watchOS 9. It features a minimalist design and supports up to 4 corner complications. It has both a casual and formal side, and can be displayed in any situation, such as at a business meeting or hanging out with friends.

In terms of customization, Metropolitan offers four different types of watch styles, five face options, and a bunch of color options to choose from. Basically, you can make this apple watch face work with any outfit you have planned. Metropolitan also allows you to create different shortcuts for all the applications you want.

Lunar: the dial to follow the lunar and Gregorian calendar

apple watch dial

Another new feature of WatchOS 9 is the Moondial, which brings a lot of information to the Apple Watch screen. It turns out to be useful for lovers of the lunar calendar and of Gregorian calendar. What’s more, it comes with support for three lunar calendars: Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic.

Four complications are supported in the corners. However, the customization options offered are not many. In fact, the only possibility is to change the color of the second hand and switch between a analog clock and an digital clock.

It’s a nice looking Apple Watch face, although it does show a lot of information, which can be overwhelming for users who want a more minimalistic approach.

Astronomy: for astronomy enthusiasts

Among the best Apple Watch faces, the Astronomy has been revamped for WatchOS 9. This one is inspired by a mechanical orphanage. It is among the most attractive of the Apple Watch in terms of aesthetics. It displays a real-time 3D model of the Earth, Moon or our solar system.

For this purpose, the user can choose between the “view of the Earth”, the “view of the Moon” and the “view of the solar system” on the dial of the watch. The Earth shows the transition between day and night. This function also allows you to follow the phases of the moon or choose the view of the solar system to see the position of the planets any day of the year. These are constantly updated throughout the day.

Portraits: to enhance photos with a 3D effect

apple watch face

Portraits is a great Apple Watch face that lets you choose any photo in portrait mode as the background of the smartwatch. It allows you to set two complications in the middle and bottom and rotate the Digital Crown to highlight the subject of the photo. But, the highlight of this feature is that it creates a cool 3D effect with a perspective movement with an impressive result.

Portraits was shipped with WatchOS 8 but received an update with WatchOS 9. This highlights the depth effect on photos of dogs, cats and landscapes, as well as the possibility of using the photo mode. ‘editing. The latter adds a tint to the background layers of the photo.

Siri: Apple Watch faces for work

Want a smartwatch face for a particular task? Here are the best options for some common work-related situations.

The Siri watch face provides personalized information throughout the day. It displays cards with information for the day that the application deems useful. Among this information is the weather, upcoming events, traffic on the way back and other data.

It is possible to configure two complications for primary and third-party data sources. This app is a great companion if you use Apple’s voice assistant on a daily basis. Once you’ve configured the information you want Siri to display, you can configure the watch face and choose your complications.

Activity: dials for fitness

The Activity side is the favorite of fitness enthusiasts, and it works with activity rings. L’Move ring represented by the red bar indicates the number of calories you have burned so far.

As to green and blue rings, they respectively indicate the number of minutes of activity performed and the number of times you stood up and moved for at least one minute. It is possible to configure the device to display “rolled” times. Instead of getting up and moving around, it will show you the times you pushed (for wheelchair users). In addition, you can configure up to three different complications.

With up to three complications, it’s theone of the best faces of the Apple Watchand it has been modernized with watchOS 9.

Fire/water dial, liquid metal: A trendy look

apple watch dial

Technically they are separate dials, but they are basically the same except for the element used. These faces of connected watch present great animations every time you touch the screen or wake up your watch.

The animations were recorded by Apple, and you can choose between water, fire and liquid metal. These are by far the sleekest watch faces on the Apple Watch. The animations are insanely engaging to watch, and it’s recommended to keep the dial shape full screen for a more immersive animation. However, if you want on-screen complications, you can also opt for a circular shape.

How to change the face of an Apple Watch?

To change your Apple Watch face, open the Watch app on your iPhone. Then click on Face Gallery in the main options at the bottom of the screen and choose your watch faces. When you’re done setting it up, tap To add. If you don’t want to use the app, you can change the watch face directly on the watch. Using 3D Touch, tap the watch face type. The list of previously used and selected watch faces scrolls from left to right, including those you have customized in the Watch app.

To set a new dial, swipe left until you see New. Use the Digital Crown to scroll through the available choices and tap the screen to select.

To remove a dial, tap any design. Scroll left or right until you find the one you want to delete. Then tap Delete to remove it.

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