Tom Cruise cut off from his daughter Suri for years: a “cunning plan” to see her again revealed

His big comeback Top Gun: Maverick released on May 25, 2022, was successfully operated. This Sunday, July 3, the American actor celebrates his 60th birthday. In his personal life, he knew some very important women in his life and some with whom he decided to taste the joys of fatherhood. But if his relations with his elders, his daughter Isabella Kidman Cruise, daughter that the actor adopted in 1992 with Nicole Kidman , his son Connor, also adopted by the couple, three years later, are good, it is not the same with his youngest Suri Cruise, fruit of his loves with Katie Holmes, are not the simplest. But while he cut short contact with Suri, he could be to come up with a “cunning plan” to see her again.

It was actress Leah Remini, a former member of Scientology, who is now working to highlight the excesses of this more than controversial organization, who revealed this information. As reported by our colleagues from Paris Match, Tom Cruise would attempt to contact Suri Cruise when she came of age to convert her. Suri Cruise, 16, is the fruit of the love of the star of Impossible mission with Katie Holmes. The actress, after the divorce in 2012, managed to obtain sole custody of their daughter. The goal ? Protect her from the Church of Scientology. Since this radical decision, the ex-star of Dawson and Suri Cruise are seen as enemies of the organization of which Tom Cruise is one of the most important members.

What is his “cunning plan” to contact her?

The actor therefore cut ties with his teenager, while he still maintains relations with his two eldest, themselves Scientologists. And according to Leah Remini, the hero of Top Gun would prepare a “cunning plan” to reconnect with Suri Cruise, at the dawn of his majority. “I’m sure his cunning plan is to wait until Suri grows up so he can recruit her into scientology and lure her away from her mother.“, she thus informed the New York Post, in August 2020. She also underlined to understand why Katie Holmes has always done everything to protect her only daughter from this organization. And does not hide her pride in having seen the 41-year-old actress succeed in “to extricate her daughter from something that would have been potentially very toxic and dangerous, not only for Suri but also for their relationship“.

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