Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: Their very discreet son Connor reappears, with quite a catch!

It’s one of the rarest appearances: Connor Cruise, son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, saw a photo of him being posted on social media. In effect, with his fishing team, the adopted son of the two Hollywood heavyweights pulled off a great win and shared a snap after winning the grand prize at the Sarasota Slam tournament in Florida over the weekend. And it is with a sacred catch which brought them victory. Indeed, they are displayed all four with a huge Warsaw grouper.

The fish was caught on Friday, August 26, and it was kept on ice until its official weigh-in on Saturday. In the photo, Connor Cruise appeared wearing a sweatshirt hoodie, gray shorts, baseball cap, protected by sunglasses. He posed proudly with the catch – weighing more than 130 kilos – and his comrades. Accomplices, the latter indulged in a few high five and many hugs, when they learned of their victory.

Connor Cruise has found his calling

This is a rare event that deserves to be highlighted. Indeed, Connor, aged 27, is very discreet. Nevertheless, the young man, son of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, is present on social networks where he shares his daily life as a fisherman. A passion he shares with his followers on Instagram by regularly posting images of fish. “We did it with friends“, wrote Connor in the caption of a video he posted on his Instagram page, after this great challenge taken up as a team. After having tried a career as an actor, then as a DJ, he finally found his happiness in this fisherman’s life.

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