To hide her belly, this woman has found an ideal trick

When complex on his belly, difficult to find how to dress. Worse: finding pants that will show us off! However, Claire, an English stylist, found the solution, which she shares on TikTok. Aided by a stylist, she demonstrates that hide her belly is possible !

Imagine wearing a top and tucking it into your pants, when you don’t like your belly. Improbable decision, which this stylist nevertheless tried to put in place. And she found the ideal garment for this kind of situation. In fact, there’s nothing more flattering than these pants!

@clubfortyclaire Wide-leg trousers are the perfect style solution for creating balance – plus they look really classy too 🙌 #clairehallstyletips #personalstylist #personalstyletips #midlifestyletips #clubforty ♬ original sound – Claire

A fabulous trick

In the video, the English girl who serves as the model wears a black top paired with black and white pants. This garment is wide and fluid. And according to Claire, the stylist, he is perfect to attract attention elsewhere than on this belly that we do not like. She explains exactly why.

The stylist explains that by wearing a wide garment at the bottom, the silhouette is more balanced. Indeed, the wide pants, worn at the waist, descend directly in a straight line from the top of the belly. Thus, impossible to have the eye drawn to the curves! The model seems conquered.

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This garment is magical!

Claire then explains that if the pants were tightened at the bottom, we would totally see the curvature of the belly. In the TikTok video, she serves the legs of the garment to demonstrate her point. And indeed, as soon as she does that, it’s impossible not to see The belly of the model. But as soon as she lets the pants fall naturally, the whole silhouette changes!

The stylist explains: “Your belly is put forward, there is no denying it. But it’s balanced. You have these gorgeous wide leg pants that create a line from here (belly) to there (floor). It’s different when tightened. » Claire adds that capri, skinny, or slim pants accentuate the mid-body, emphasizing the stomach: bad choice !

In the comments, Internet users are delighted. In particular, we can read: “I started buying so many baggy pants. I love them and they really make me look good. » Someone else writes: “I love your content. I just bought myself some wide leg pants after watching your TikTok videos. Thanks ! »

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