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Tips for finding the right pizza oven

To prepare good pizzas yourself, the pizza oven is the ideal cooking tool. Available in different versions, this cooking appliance meets all needs. Whether you are a catering professional or an individual, you will find what you are looking for by choosing from the current models. The pizza oven can run on gas, electricity or wood and comes in different shapes. If, however, the choice of a pizza oven leaves you perplexed, rely on these few tips to find the device that suits you best!

Types of pizza ovens

Pizza ovens come in three types, each with their own character:

The wood-fired pizza oven

It is undoubtedly the best choice if you want to appreciate the taste of each ingredient. This type of pizza oven diffuses an intense, dry heat that melts the ingredients in a short time. Available in different sizes, it can cook several pizzas at the same time. But for optimal cooking, the pizza should be checked constantly. The temperature is adjusted by opening or closing the door. When the door is closed, the flame loses its intensity, helping to cook the ingredients thoroughly. In the case of an open depth, the flame is revived by the gusts of wind, which hardens the paste.

gas pizza oven

This type of pizza oven works just as well with butane and propane as with natural gas. It requires no preheating and lights up in an instant. Its temperature is easily adjustable, unlike the wood-fired pizza oven. Its small inconvenience lies in the smell of gas which spreads when the oven is turned on.

The electric pizza oven

Easier to use, this type of oven is appreciated for its compactness. It is the preferred oven for small households, since it finds its place in modern kitchens. In terms of cooking, it diffuses optimal heat since its temperature can be adjusted as desired. It is equipped with a timer for more practicality. The electric pizza oven is also suitable for baking other dishes such as pies or bread.

The shape and dimensions

The space you have available greatly influences the choice of your pizza oven. And for good reason, large models cannot fit into a small kitchen. On the other hand, the small pizza ovens lend themselves to all desires in terms of layout. If you plan to arrange a pizza oven in a large kitchen, give preference to powerful models capable of heating up to 400 ° C. However, be sure to check the dimensions before making your choice. The size of your appliance also changes depending on the amount of pizzas you plan to bake.

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The accessories

An excellent pizza oven can be recognized by its accessories. Among these main accessories are:

  • The pizza shovel: this accessory accompanies many pizza ovens. It has the advantage of being foldable, which makes it easy to store and use. It is an essential accessory for the recovery of pizza inside the oven. Its handle is often made of wood, while the shovel is made of steel or aluminum. In both cases, the pizza shovel is an accessory that is both hygienic and practical.
  • The maintenance brush: it is an essential accessory to guarantee the maintenance of the pizza oven. The maintenance brush is able to remove any pizza residue in the most difficult to reach corners inside the oven. It helps get rid of burnt smells. It is equipped with a scraper to facilitate the maintenance of the device.
  • The wheel: this is an optional but useful accessory for moving the pizza oven. This type of accessory is ideal for family models. Indeed, thanks to the wheel, you can move your pizza oven more easily in your garden or on your terrace.

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