Tip: Exercise with Mirroring Apple Watch to iPhone

A video mirroring function has arrived with watchOS 9 and iOS 16. It replicates, on a large scale, on the iPhone screen, the interface of the watch and allows it to be manipulated there. It is an accessibility option, but one that can be used more widely.

One of our readers suggested that we take advantage of this possibility in the context of an indoor sports activity. And more particularly for cycling or on a rowing machine. When you are in full effort, it is not always easy to correctly read the data on the screen of your watch or to manipulate it. For example, when you want to scroll through the screens in an exercise in progress.

watchOS 9: discovering personalized training in Exercise ๐Ÿ†•

watchOS 9: discovering personalized training in Exercise ๐Ÿ†•

By projecting the interface of the Apple Watch on the iPhone, we solve these two problems. The display size is more than comfortable and you manipulate your watch by proxy by touching the phone screen as well as the graphic representations of the digital crown and the side button. Everything goes through the big screen.

In order to take advantage of this mode, you need at least a Series 6. To activate it, go to the accessibility settings on the iPhone, then to Apple Watch Mirroring. Then you just have to activate the ad-hoc option and wait for the AirPlay connection to be established between the two devices. It will be necessary to see on the other hand to what extent this draws on the battery of the watch.


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