Tim Cook spotted aboard an electric 4×4 from Rivian (a good candidate for the Apple Car…)

Like every year, Tim Cook went to the Sun Valley meeting bringing together the great American business leaders, especially in tech.

Not a fan of automobiles (unlike Phil Schiller, the late Steve Jobs and his acolytes), Tim Cook seems to be keen on his electric and autonomous car projecteven if the firm still seems far from producing a series model.

The CEO of Apple therefore took a short tour in a Rivian model, 4x4s used in the Long Way Up series broadcast on AppleTV+. The founding president of the company -RJ Scaringe- indeed took two cars to transit the personalities from the airport – the presence of Tim Cook in a Rivian model therefore seems mainly fortuitous.

Tim Cook glimpses at  driving a Rivian electric 4x4 (a good candidate for the Apple Car...)

Nevertheless Rivian would make a good candidate for the production of a possible Apple Car : the platform seems solid, the production lines are located on American soil and the manufacturer is in financial difficulty, and would need a solid partner to take off. For the record, Rivian is a kind of mini Tesla, the vehicles were particularly efficient, with a modern system and fairly new technologies. The firm has moreover recruited several employees of the firm of Elon Muskwho also accused his competitor of stealing industrial secrets.

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