Tim Cook: “Here’s what Steve Jobs would think of Apple today”

Apple CEO Tim Cook hosted the latest edition of Popular Mechanics as a guest and, in an interview, explains how he thinks Steve Jobs would see the company today.

Tim Cook was asked how the computer industry grew from hobby groups to what it is today, with Apple in the lead:

“It was an evolution, thanks to all the teams. We don’t take one path, new ideas can come from anywhere in the company. We believe in bringing together groups of people focused on solving certain problems for a user.

We choose different teams that look at the problem through different lenses. We argue about the things we do and don’t do, because we know we can only do certain things well. You need to discuss and say no to a lot of great ideas so you can spend your time on the really amazing ones.

Usually the way people at Apple do something is to tell them you’re not sure if it’s doable. It’s a red flag in front of the bull, because a lot of people here don’t consider “impossible” to be acceptable. If we are convinced that it is in the best interest of the user, it is an irresistible force which leads us to overcome the problem. »

The Apple CEO went on to say that he still feels like a kid in a candy store today, especially when things like Apple Silicon are being created:

“We were just talking down the hall about M2 and M1 – the story goes back over a decade. It goes back to the genesis of M chips, or A chips, and was initially about how to squeeze a powerful chip into something so small and not let it heat up and burn out.

We found ourselves with a similar problem for iPhones and laptops: how to insert something that is the most powerful computer chip in the world. From there came the M1, and now we’ve taken it further with the M2. And now the Mac is a completely different product than it was before. »

Cook then added that Steve Jobs originally wanted to put a Mac in every classroom. In addition to the Mac, Apple is now known for its health and Cook has confirmed that he would like Apple to be remembered in the future for their help in this area.

Speaking about how Apple is helping schools use iPads and Macs and developments in healthcare and services, Tim Cook said that Steve Jobs would be proud of Apple today:

“I think today he would find things that he loved and he would say: ‘We can do better’. I think he would do both, appreciate what has been done and always look for the best. As we all do. We are never really satisfied. We are always working for tomorrow.

I think of him a lot. I miss him a lot. He always stopped in my office on his way out. And there has never been a substitute for this habit. »

“At Apple, we believe we have a responsibility to leave the world a better place than we found it”wrote Tim Cook in his editorial. “And that’s why we put our values ​​at the center of everything we do”.

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