Thomas and Jacques Dutronc, on the verge of tears: united, they evoke the state of health of Françoise Hardy

We no longer present Jacques Dutronc and even less his son Thomas, who has become as famous as his father. This Sunday, August 28, father and son Dutronc are Audrey Crespo-Mara’s guests in “Le Portrait de la Semaine” by seven to eight on TF1. An interview carried out in the Corsican refuge of Monticello. “Father and son, eternal accomplices. Modest, tongue-in-cheek, jokers with a love of music as a legacy“, wrote the journalist in the caption of the excerpt from the interview unveiled exclusively on her Instagram account.

Mom, there, she’s not in very good shape…

In this interview, Thomas Dutronc and his father Jacques modestly discuss their father/son relationship, their tour and of course Françoise Hardy, the famous mother of Thomas Dutronc. The singer has been suffering from cancer of the lymphatic system since 2004.

Asked by Audrey Crespo-Mara, Thomas Dutronc took the opportunity to give some not very reassuring news about the state of health of the 78-year-old singer: “Mom, there, she’s not in great shape“, launches the 49-year-old singer on the verge of tears. So to enjoy, to have a good time with her, it’s not very simple but we get there. When we talk about life, about all that… But, it’s true that the poor thing, it’s not very easy for her. So it’s great to enjoy life with your parents. That is extraordinary!

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