this world star who refused to play with Clint Eastwood

western classic, The Man of the High Plains is broadcast this Sunday, August 28 at 8:55 p.m. on Arte. The opportunity to review this great moment of cinema, which gave rise to a skirmish between two legends of the genre.

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Vast desert landscapes, gleaming colts, solitary heroes: the western always promises a certain amount of change of scenery and spectacle. Epic shoots too, often. So Steve McQueen almost died playing in Nevada Smithwhile the atmosphere was not looking good on the set ofOnce upon a Time in the West. More recently, the shots of 3h10 for Yuma were daunting. Despite everything, what a pleasure to see or see again the great classics, like the unforgettable Conquest of the West, Where Hostilea contemporary example of the most successful.

The Man of the High Plainssecond production by Clint Eastwood, western specialist

In the genre, The Man of the High Plainsbroadcast this Sunday on Arte as well as on the platform, also stands out as a must. A baroque and violent trip, this is the second production by Clint Eastwood, a true specialist. The actor and director was thus on the bill of Pale Riderwestern become cult, and signed with Ruthless a tribute as moving as it is virtuoso. For his second attempt at directing, he wanted to pay tribute to Sergio Leone, with whom he had just shot the famous “dollar trilogy” which revealed him to the general public: For a fistful of dollars (1964), and for a few more dollars (1965) and The good, the bad and the ugly (1966). His film follows a lone horseman (Eastwood himself) who arrives in Lago, a mining town. In the saloon, three men provoke him. The stranger shoots them down. The inhabitants decide to hire him to protect them. They fear reprisals from three outlaws who will soon be freed.

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When John Wayne sulks Clint Eastwood

The Man of the High Plains displays all the well-codified characteristics of the western, which made its director and main actor want to work with John Wayne, a true legend of the genre, for his next production. The interested party replied to him with a salty letter, in which he reproaches Clint Eatwood for his violent and revisionist vision of the American West. The latter never replied to the missive, but the two men, so identified with the western, will never have worked together.

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