This reconciliation proposal refused by Charles III, the king and Camilla shocked


Since the death of their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, the whole world has been watching them! At 40 and 38, and seriously scrambled for two years, princes William and Harry have finally managed to put everything aside for more than a week, in order to pay a last tribute to their grandmother together. An easing of their relations that their fans were looking forward to, but which does not mean that everything is forgotten… Quite the contrary!

Indeed, tensions are still great, especially on the side of the youngest son, who left for the United States with a wife and child at the end of 2019, and who ended up leaving the royal clan in March 2020. Very little income since, he had made numerous accusations against Oprah Winfrey, including one of racism against his wife, and should leave devastating memories for the entire royal familywho awaits them with fear.

But according to royal family expert Katie Nicholl, the quarrel would weigh on Prince Harry, who no longer sees many people in his family, and to whom his brother no longer wants to speak for fear that one of his statements will then be repeated. The 30-year-old would therefore have asked his father to have recourse to a mediator to settle internal conflicts… A process that would not have really pleased!

Indeed, the author recounts in the DailyMail that Charles would have been flabbergasted and…

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