This patent seems to announce the temperature sensor of the Apple Watch Series 8

The temperature sensor could well be the big novelty of the Series 8, and maybe even the only one. Because for the rest, the 2022 range of the connected watch should keep the same design and almost the same chip as the Series 7. To find change, you will probably have to turn to the Apple Watch “Pro”…

The hypothesis of this sensor is reinforced today with the discovery by the site MyHealtyApple of a patent on the subject. Admittedly, this patent does not refer directly to the Apple Watch, the manufacturer merely evoking an electronic device. Nevertheless, the connected watch is present in the form of an illustration. And the manufacturer explains that the component can be placed on the bottom of a connected watch.

The patent describes in very technical terms a temperature sensor whose function can be used to measure “ absolute temperature » of an external surface, such as the skin.

We are used to saying that a patent does not make spring: it is not because Apple protects an invention that it will automatically end up in a product (otherwise, we would have already been entitled to Apple car given the number of patents filed by the manufacturer). However, we can hope that such a sensor will make its appearance in the Series 8, because otherwise the novelties are likely to be very modest!

Samsung didn’t wait for Apple to get started: the brand new Watch5 range includes a temperature sensor.


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