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this particular link between Passe-Partout and Passe-Muraille of “Fort Boyard”

André Bouchet alias Passe-Partout and Anthony Laborde alias Passe-Muraille in “Fort Boyard” on France 2. Laurent VU / ALP / FTV.

For twelve years, André Bouchet has been making perfect love with Patricia, whom he met thanks to Anthony Laborde.

If, in “Fort Boyard”, Passe-Partout does not say a word, when he is invited to a program, he is much more talkative and can even be very talkative… This was the case on the set of ” Chez Jordan”, last weekend. Guest of the web-show presented by Jordan De Luxe, his interpreter André Bouchet made some revelations.

Thus, the one who has participated in the France 2 game since its creation and who, the rest of the time, works at the RATP, revealed that he received 300 euros per broadcast. With around ten shows per year on average, this allows him to receive around 3,000 euros for two weeks of filming in total. To which are also added his participation in foreign versions of the famous game. A comfortable complement which is added to the 2,000 euros monthly for his position at the RATP.

With Patricia for twelve years

During the program, André Bouchet also spoke of his relationship with Patricia, with whom he has shared his life for twelve years and whom he met thanks to Passe-Muraille. “He was at his apartment, and one day I said to him: “Here, Anthony [Laborde, NDLR]I’m going to come and see you at your house”. I drive by and I see a pretty blonde on the balcony. I call him and tell him: “There is a pretty blonde”. He makes me : “Well, she’s my wife’s mom… Do you want to come upstairs and have a drink?” I say : “Sure”. And then there you go, that’s how it happened”he said.

André Bouchet alias Passe-Partout with his companion Patricia, on August 27, 2019, during the visit to Fort Alexander I in Saint Petersburg. Maltseva Olga/Tass/ABACA.

It is André Bouchet who best sums up the situation, to say the least particular: “He is going out with the girl and I am with the girl’s mother. It’s family”.

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