This is what the Apple Car looks like, according to an AI

A true Arlesian, the supposed electric and/or autonomous car on which Apple has been working for several years is fueling many speculations.

If no one knows exactly what an “Apple Car” could look like, some have tried to create imaginary renderings based on the minimalist aesthetic specific to the Apple brand. John Mauriello, an industrial designer who teaches at the California College of the Arts in California, had a better idea: ask an artificial intelligence to imagine the Apple car.

To do this, he used DALL-E 2, an AI capable of creating realistic images and artwork from natural language description. John Mauriello asked him to work on a sports car design with the aesthetic reference of the MacBook and the Magic Mouse. He refined his request by asking DALL-E 2 to draw inspiration from the work of Jony Ive, the former design boss at Apple who worked on the brand’s biggest commercial successes since the iPhone.

The Apple Car created by the AI ​​DALL-E 2 inspired by the MacBook. © John Mauriello

The AI ​​shows a rather limited “imagination”

The interpretation delivered by artificial intelligence perfectly met the demand for a refined style dear to Apple. The car developed by DALL-E 2 displays simple lines, all in roundness with a metallic gray paint typical of MacBooks. One might even be surprised by a certain conservatism of the AI ​​from which one could expect a more unbridled proposal. Indeed, the Apple Car that serves us DALL-E 2 is certainly attractive and futuristic, but it has an air of deja-vu. This is obviously due to the respect of the prerequisites imposed by John Mauriello, which demonstrates in passing that the margin of improvisation of this artificial intelligence could not be more modest.

© John Mauriello

For more than six years, the iPhone manufacturer has been credited with the desire to launch an electric car with more or less advanced autonomous functions. This vehicle would be devoid of pedals and steering wheel and offered not as an individual car but through a shared transport service.


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