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This is what Lady Diana would look like at 61 according to an artificial intelligence!

The son of Elizabeth II has just acquired the title of King Charles III. Since the announcement of the death of the Queen of Englandmany people think of Princess Lady Diana Spencer. Especially since a few days earlier, the sons of Lady Diana commemorated her death.

Whether she was still with usthe former wife of Charles would have become the queen consort. Today, that title belongs to Camilla Parker-Bowles, William and Harry’s mother-in-law. On Instagram, an artist shared a photo of Lady Diana at the age of 61. An image that blew internet users.

The terrible accident of 1997

The accident that claimed the life of Princess Lady Diana took place on August 31, 1997. Lady Diana was accompanied by her companion Dodi Al Fayed and the driver of the car.

Dodi Al-Fayed, the son of an Egyptian billionaire, was going to propose to Princess Diana. Unfortunately, he was never able to do so.

Lady Diana AI

The 42-year-old billionaire died immediately, but Lady Diana was able to be taken to hospital. A few hours after the accident, the Princess of Wales died at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital.

Only the bodyguard who accompanied them survived this unfortunate event.

Prince William’s mother and Prince Harry died aged 36. An artist has collaborated with an artificial intelligence to show us what Lady Diana Spencer could look like in 2022. By sharing it on Instagram, the photo got more than 10,000 reactions.

The artist impressed Internet users.

Alper Yesiltas is a Turkish artist and photographer. He embarked on his project called As if nothing had happened. He worked with artificial intelligence to imagine what the artists would look like who left us a little too soon. Lady Diana was one of these personalities.

On the picture, the former Princess of Wales had a slightly aged face. The Princess of Hearts was still recognizable by her blue eyes. The image and the work of the artist caught the attention of netizens.

However, some wrote that the portrait was a bit too old for the age of 61. Nevertheless, the comments showed that Lady Diana many people miss. This year, the two princes separately commemorated the death of Lady Diana Spencer.

For the 25th anniversary of their mother’s deaththere was no official ceremony. Prince Williamwho is 40, and Prince Harry, who is 37, are cold. They both marked the day privately with their respective families.

However, Lady Diana Spencer admirers gathered in London and Paris to pay their respects to the princess. Many of them spoke about the kindness of Lady Diana. For them, she was an exceptional person.

The King of Pop

Outraged the former wife of King Charles IIIAlper Yesiltas was also interested in Michael Jackson. The one who was nicknamed the King of Pop would have been 64 last August. One of the greatest artists in the world died aged 50 in 2009. Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose.

Princess Lady Diana

Seeing the snapshot made by artificial intelligence, a user wrote that he gave him an emotional look. Indeed, the shot was surprisingly realistic.

The children of michael jackson could have seen their father age like this. children had celebrated his birthday by posting family photos.

Paris and PrinceJackson are the eldest children of the Beat it singer. In a picture, michael jackson was surrounded by his three children.

Today, Prince is 25, Paris is 24 and Blanket, who he is wearing in the photo, is 20. On another photoo, the artist was with his children on Christmas Day.

Happy birthday to the best. I miss you more and more, but i love you more and more every day. Thank you for everything, posted Prince on Instagram.

Lady Diana

In his story, King of Pop’s son posted photos of his father. We see Michael Jackson on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards with its trophies. Prince Jackson subscribers saw platinum and diamond discs of the late singer in the story.

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