this good plan will delight you if these wireless headphones catch your eye

Back to school is also an opportunity to equip yourself with audio devices like these AirPods Pro offered at a price that makes you dream at Rakuten.

Apple has gone big with the release of its advanced AirPods Pro that pack a slew of cool tech that enhances your experience. Rakuten has understood that these are the most essential headphones in the range and are offering you a promotion of 47% off on their site at this time. Their price thus goes from 369 euros to 196.90 euros, i.e. a saving of 172 euros to be seized urgently.

If you want for some reason to change wireless headphones or enjoy quality sound, these AirPods Pro at a low price on Rakuten are what you need. You don’t always have to pay full price for quality and efficient equipment.

Apple’s AirPods Pro headphones are super priced

Nothing is stopping you from getting these AirPods Pro Apple at an irresistible price of 196.90 euros on Rakuten, you don’t have much time left to take advantage of the promotion of 172 euros. These headphones will make you vibrate to the rhythm of your music and block out all unwanted sound coming from the outside thanks to their 3 sizes of adaptive tips. They have an advanced noise filtration system that helps emit opposite sound to cancel it out and let you fully enjoy your music and all your other content. They connect as if by magic to your other devices so that the sound never stops and continuity takes place without the hassle or special equipment. Their spatial audio allows sound to intrude everywhere and envelop you whatever you do. Use the pressure sensors to control your headphones, change songs or adjust the volume.

Apple AirPods Pro at a price of 196.90 euros instead of 369 euros at Rakuten

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