this discount is crazy, yet it’s not Apple who takes care of it

If you want to stream music, the Apple AirPods Pro are on sale on the Rakuten site.

The Apple AirPods Pro benefit from a plummeting price on Rakuten, they are displayed at a price of 196.90 euros instead of 369 euros with a 47% discount. Save 172 euros on your purchase without further delay by going to the Rakuten site. More than 770 customers give them a positive review, so you can buy them with your eyes closed. Simply place them in your ears to enjoy powerful sound that will totally envelop you.

You can enjoy the promotion for a while as long as it is available at Rakuten. Over the years, Apple has been able to perfect its wireless headphones and create a benchmark that is catching on around the world. The AirPods Pro are no exception and are even among the most successful headphones in the range.

The AirPods Pro are at a bargain price so don’t wait any longer!

You can get Apple’s AirPods Pro for 196.90 euros with a 172 euro discount at Rakuten. They feature high-performance spatial audio that follows your head movements and delivers immersive 3D cinema-like sound. They are also equipped with a noise reduction system that will revolutionize your audio experience by allowing you to isolate the music from the external sounds that you can usually perceive by emitting a signal opposite to the unwanted sounds. Delivered with 3 different sizes of tips, you can choose the one that best adapts to your ear canals so that the sound experience is even more reliable. No more music stopping in the middle of a song with their competitive battery life of more than 24 hours on multiple charges. To control the sound, you just have to press the pressure sensors to carry out different actions such as adjusting the volume.

The AirPods Pro at a price of 196.90 euros instead of 369 euros at Rakuten

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