This 99-year-old grandmother meets her 100th great-grandchild, the baby’s name shocked her

There are great moms! At the head of a huge family, this American from 99 years old met his hundredth great-grandson. A tender moment that was captured by television cameras. Marguerite Koller, originally from Pennsylvania, has everything to be a happy grandmother.

A moment charged with emotion for Marguerite Koller. ” We went to Grandma’s and introduced her to Koller “, comment the parents of the baby, Christine and Patrick Balster with Good Morning America. An incredible event for this nearly 100-year-old grandmother.

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The magical encounter between the grandmother and her great-grandson!

She was absolutely thrilled. She was so happy and felt lucky to hold him in her arms “, adds the mother. The first name “Koller”, given to the infant, is a tribute to the late great-grandfather of the little one, the husband of grandmother Marguerite Koller.

This grandmother is lucky to have a loving family and respectful of his great age. At almost 100 years old, she had 11 children, 56 grandchildren and has just met her hundredth great-grandson. Little Koller was born on August 4, 2022.

A unique and unforgettable encounter for this 99-year-old grandmother

My cousin Colleen and I had a day difference between our due dates. Her baby is the 99th great-grandchild. I’m just grateful and blessed to have a few more babies to join this big family. “says the mother of little Koller. According to the family, Marguerite Koller should his iron health to daily exercise. The limitless love of his family may also have something to do with it! A fit, flirtatious, elegant and independent 99-year-old grandmother is not on every street corner! Love and kindness work miracles.

times too tender and happy, we would like to enjoy it a little more. ” Faith and family really get her going “, explained Christine Balster. Since she was a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Marguerite Koller has not missed the slightest family event: from the graduation of children to births, through weddings and baptisms. This grandmother is immortal!

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