Thiberville. “Chez Toutoune”, a new pizzeria-kebab in the town

Former salesman, Patrice Belluau now owns his own restaurant ©DR

Located in the former “pizza room”, ” Chez Toutoune » opened its doors in Thiberville (Eure), last week, to the first customers in a hurry to taste the products of this new trade. Menus that the boss, Patrice Belluau, composes thanks to local and quality ingredients. “The fries come from a farmer and all our products are fresh,” he explains. We also work with businesses in the city such as the butcher or the bakery. »

A suitable place

This former salesperson, for thirty years, can rely on a certain experience of the trade since he ran a food truck between 2009 and 2012. “I stopped the truck because it was complicated to find sufficiently remunerative positions for the duration of work required. So, when a room that could accommodate this activity became available, “Toutoune” since that’s his nickname, jumped at the chance. “I intervened in Thiberville on Friday evening. Things were going well with the town hall and I wanted to buy a business in the town. »

Respond to the request

Anxious to keep the “pizzeria” identity of the previous business, the manager also offers kebab sandwiches that he sold ten years ago. “People are very keen on kebabs. I wanted to pair this with the pizzas even though it takes more organization. “A request that Patrice Belluau faces as best he can today. “I have an employee, but we are sorry if we do not respond to all requests today. The organization will improve with time and experience. We do our best to meet customer needs in terms of quality. Although work has already taken place, improvements will continue to appear in the coming weeks, with in particular the sign planned for September.

Address: “Chez Toutoune”, 46 rue de Bernay, 27230 Thiberville

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