these prices which have discreetly increased at Apple

If the prices of the iPhone 14 have soared, they are not the only ones to suffer from the fall of the euro against the dollar. Apple has also raised the prices of its iPhone SE and AirPods.

It’s not just future products that will see their future bill soar. Those already on sale too. After PlayStation which increased the price of its PlayStation 5 in many countries, it is Apple which has discreetly revised the prices of certain products upwards.

If the pill of the next iPhone 14, and their prices which all blithely exceed 1000 euros, is struggling to pass, the brand has been careful not to communicate on the increase of some of their acolytes.

The iPhone SE 5G takes 30 euros

The iPhone 14, a new entry-level model, goes from 909 euros for the iPhone 13 to 1019 euros this year, when the iPhone 14 Pro will start at 1329 euros against 1159 euros for the iPhone 13 Pro. And the bill will now exceed 2000 euros for the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1 TB storage (2129 euros), much more than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold or Huawei Mate Xs2 which were already approaching the fateful bar, but for folding screen smartphone models.

However, the price announced in the United States does not change (from 799 dollars). But it is an amount excluding tax for the whole country, each state being free to apply the VAT of its choice. In the rest of the world, including France, customs fees, exchange rates and other various taxes then apply, inflating the bill while the dollar and the euro are almost at parity.

Only, the iPhone 14 officially displays its new price, but it is not the only one to see an increase. The iPhone SE 5G, released in the spring, is also a victim of general inflation. Launched already more expensive than its predecessor, from which it had kept the same design (529 euros against 489 euros in 2020 for the iPhone SE 2), Apple’s compact smartphone now starts at 559 euros, still remaining the most affordable model. from the manufacturer.

The little music of the crisis in the background

On the other hand, the iPhone 13 sees its price remain stable at 909 euros for 128 GB, just like that of the iPhone 12 which remains at 859 euros. It is nevertheless a significant change for Apple which had taken the habit of lowering the price of its previous versions to keep them attractive. They too were victims of the crisis in France in their own way.

AirPods are the other big losers of the crisis. Or at least, those who wanted to equip themselves. The future AirPods Pro 2 will earn 20 euros (from 279 to 299 euros), an increase which may possibly be justified by an improvement in active noise reduction, which is much more efficient, as is the Transparency mode for an increase in quality. sound. But they take the rest of the range with them: the AirPods 3 with QI charging case, which arrived in the spring, also earn 20 euros while the now entry-level model, the AirPods 2 (with wired charging of the case), take a 7% increase (159 euros against 149 euros).

Apple's AirPods Pro 2
Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 © Apple

It should also be noted a change in size for the Apple Watch Series 8 which arrives on Friday: it will cost more than for the two previous versions which had kept the same price (429 euros). Are the detection of accidents or the arrival of the temperature sensor for monitoring ovulation enough to justify pushing the price to 449 euros? Not sure… Even the Apple Watch SE (2022) which keeps its line of conduct (colorful design, lighter functions, but more efficient and equipped with the new features of the Series 8) goes from 279 to 299 euros due to the variation in the price of the euro (in the United States, its price does not change).

Similarly, several Apple support services have seen their prices soar with the new version of iPhone 14. Thus, changing the battery of the new version of Apple will now cost 119 euros, against 75 euros previously for the iPhone. iPhone 13 and earlier models.

Ditto for repairs, such as replacing a cracked screen. It will now cost 405 euros for that of the iPhone 14 against 338.99 euros for the 13 Pro. As for the 14 Pro Max, it will cost 489 euros, against 405 euros for a 13 Pro Max model.

The replacement of other parts, such as the rear camera, is also affected by these increases – which can however be explained by a more efficient model than its predecessor.

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