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these pizzas contaminated with listeria should not be eaten

Notice to consumers: the government has just issued a new emergency recall of food products due to listeria contamination. After a jam and several cheeses, it’s again pizza sold in supermarkets which have been singled out since October 27th.

Food products contaminated with listeria are extremely dangerous for consumer health. Above all, do not eat the pizzas designated by the site Drink remindermarketed for one week before being reported.

Pizzas contaminated with listeria are urgently recalled

Hawaiian, ham, and ham/mushroom pizzas distributed in the chain’s supermarkets Match are recalled urgently. The three lots likely to be contaminated with listeria were offered for sale on the shelves of ready meals from October 21 to 26.

The Match supermarkets concerned by these contaminated pizzas are mainly located in the regions Great East and Hauts-de-France precise Oh ! MyMag. These pizzas “could be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, the causative agent of listeriosis”.

After the Buitoni pizza scandal, distrust of PPNP pizzas

The French remember the recent food scandal relating to Buitoni pizzas. contaminated with E. Coli bacteriapizzas intoxicated 55 children at the beginning of the year. Two other them are dead despite their hospitalization. The mistrust consumers vis-à-vis the Buitoni brand now concerns the PPNP brand.

PPNP stands for “Prepared By Our Pros”. ” Or Prepared By Our Feet » tackle a user on the account Twitter of Drink reminder. Another calls for more mistrust : “It would be wise to put the mark on each tweet”. Some try a little humor: “A pizza without listeria is more like a lol pizza”.

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Only one thing to do: throw them away

The vigilance must be maximum for immunocompromised people, the elderly and pregnant women. It’s necessary to consult a doctor if fever, aches or headaches appear after eating PPNP pizza. And to throw what’s left in the trash.

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