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The most popular connected watch is a complete watch that proves useful in everyday life in many ways. Communication, health, sport, productivity, Smart Home… Focus on its main uses and essential apps.

The Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch in the world. Advanced from a technological point of view, loaded with sensors, it benefits from new functionalities every year. Far from being a simple accessory, this connected watch offers its wearer a whole host of services for communication, information, entertainment or sports. The Apple Watch Series 7, which stood out during our test, will make way in a few months for the Apple Watch Series 8.

The current model comes in two sizes: 41 and 45 mm. It has a large Retina screen benefiting from the always-on display and runs on Watch OS 9. The new version of the in-house OS notably offers more extensive customization and increased monitoring of sports activity and health monitoring.

Take care of your health by monitoring your constants

This is historically one of the main strengths of the Apple Watch. Over the years, health monitoring tools have become more and more precise, with two key areas: sleep and heart rate.

Overview of the Apple Watch Sleep app.©Apple

As we know, sleep is a key moment which notably allows the body and the psyche to recover. With its Sleep application, the Apple Watch allows you to better understand how you sleep. Based on the analysis of data accessible on the iPhone, it offers actions and routines for better sleep.

Another flagship application: the ECG. The functionality comes in addition to the measurement of heart rate and blood oxygenation rate. Still little offered on competing connected watches, this medical device remains complex and requires a high level of precision to be recognized by health authorities. In particular, it makes it possible to detect any fibrillations or arrhythmias.

For women, monitoring the menstrual cycle is a plus, with an alert system when D-Day approaches.

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  • small bamboo : the flagship application to find serenity. She delivers more than 2,000 guided meditation sessions lasting from 3 to 20 minutes. It is the most recognized in the field. A large amount of content is also offered free of charge.
  • foodvisor : since health also depends on a good diet, this application compatible with the Apple Watch accompanies the user through personalized programs and recommendations, and also offers the analysis of dishes, on the basis of a simple photo. In addition, the app provides advice and encourages the implementation of good practices.

Move more and improve your physical condition

In general, in addition to health monitoring, sports support is an essential criterion in the decision to buy a smartwatch. For a generalist watch, the Apple Watch is particularly well equipped on this point. Natively, its Activity application makes it possible to follow its movements, its movements. It indicates, for example, the calories burned, the duration of the workouts, the number of steps taken. It identifies the time spent standing, the time spent moving and finally the time dedicated to physical training. Reminders can also be configured.

Overview of the Apple Watch Activities app.
Overview of the Apple Watch Activities app.©Apple

Thanks to Fitness+, a complete sports program available by subscription, 11 types of exercise are offered. These are turnkey sessions, enriched each week with new video content.

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The Nike Run Club App is popular with runners. It supports the wearer in achieving their running goals, regardless of the running mode chosen and the distance to be covered. Advice is given in addition to improve performance and better prepare for certain competitions.

Work more efficiently

Productivity is also at the heart of the Apple Watch. It offers certain practical advantages such as quick consultation of its emails and the customization of the notifications associated with each account. Certain actions can also be carried out directly from the watch, such as marking an email as “read” or “unread”, deleting it or marking it with a flag when it is important.

And to stay focused, customizable notification filters based on accounts and applications can be set.

Overview of Apple Watch Focus mode.
Overview of Apple Watch Focus mode.©Apple

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The Noted app Allows you to record voice notes. Ideal for saving time, especially when traveling.

Move more serenely

Overview of the Apple Watch Maps app.
Overview of the Apple Watch Maps app.©Apple

The Apple Watch natively embeds the Maps application, also present on the other devices in the group. It makes it easy to find your way without having to take out your iPhone.

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  • For extreme athletes, the application Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation lets you create routes for hiking, running, biking, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing, and a host of other different physical activities. Routes can be pre-saved for offline access. Ideal when traveling or when the user is in white areas.
  • To continue in the world of travel, the application iTranslate Translator offers voice translation for smoother conversations or just asking for help. Practice.

Easily manage your Smart Home

Overview of the Apple Watch Home App.
Overview of the Apple Watch Home app.©Apple

Thanks to the Home application embedded in the Apple Watch, it is easy to control all the HomeKit-compatible accessories in your home, whether they are light bulbs, locks, SmartTVs, heaters or even connected shutters. , to recite nobody else but them. In a few clicks, it is possible from the Apple Watch to control a specific room or object.

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