these 2 apps inspired by Apple software succeed on the Play Store

Two iOS launchers have already accumulated more than 100 million downloads in Android App Store.

Android users are eagerly awaiting iOS 16 on their smartphones, or at least that’s indicated by the fact that two apps that bring the iOS experience to their devices are sweeping the Google Play Store. As Phone Arena points out, these two applications already have more than 100 million downloads in the Android store, a spectacular figure that is only growing over time.

Both of these apps are launchers that bring the visual experience of an iPhone to an Android mobile. Of course, this does not indicate applying iOS functions, only the aesthetic part of the software. Even though Android still has millions of subscribers, the success of these two apps shows that many are dying to try Apple’s operating system.

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iOS 16 launcher for Android surpasses 100 million downloads on play store.

These two iOS launcher apps succeed in the Play Store

If we search for iOS launchers in the Google Play Store, there are two apps that catch our attention for racking up several million downloads. The first of them is called Launcher iOS 16 and as the name suggests, it is a launcher that applies the visual experience of iOS 16 on Android mobiles. It can be downloaded completely free of charge via the following link.

Play Store | iOS 16 Launcher

If we look at the information about the app, we discover that there are more than 50 million users who have downloaded it so far, a considerably high figure. Thanks to it we can change the appearance of the home screen, widgets and folders, and even modify the control center that appears when we swipe down from the top of the screen.

It is worth mentioning that this is not a new app but it has been updated every year since the release of iOS 13. Currently it even has options that are not present in iOS 16, such as changing app names.

The other iOS launcher that is a hit on the Play Store is called Phone 13 Launcher, which brings the look of iOS 15 to Android smartphones. If you use this app, you will see how it changes home screen, lock screen, notification panel and even wallpaper. Of course, you can download it for free via the following link.

Play Store | Phone Launcher 13

Like iOS 16 Launcher, Phone 13 Launcher has already surpassed 50 million downloads in Google App Store. Both show that there are many Android users out there who want the iOS experience, even if it’s purely aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t go beyond that.

It comes as no surprise to us after learning that, according to Apple, more and more Android users are switching to iPhone. As reported by ZDNet, Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) explained at a recent earnings conference that a new record was set, both for revenue and for the number of users who switched. from Android to iPhone. According to company data, the number of people switching to iOS has increased by double digits year over year.

This information confirms that many Android users do not just download iOS launchers for their mobiles, but then proceed to purchase an iPhone, leaving Google’s operating system behind. If you also want to try iOS, you already know that these two successful applications are completely free.

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