Their romantic evening turns to drama, a chilling part of the legs in the air…

The part of legs in the air of a couple turned to the drama. This Sunday, July 31, in Kenya, the police made a terrible discovery when they arrived at the scene of the tragedy. But what happened during the act? This is what we are going to see right away. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Dead after a game of legs in the air

It’s a barely believable story that we are going to tell you today. That of a man who died trying to reach the seventh heaven. No, it’s not an invention, it’s a real story. The tragedy occurred on July 31, 2022 in Kayole, in a district of the Kenyan capital. A man has been reported dead while having sex with his girlfriend. But how is this possible? Did he take something he shouldn’t?

What we can tell you is that when the police arrived on the scene, the man was lying on a couch. After a romantic dinner with a woman, he was invited to spend the night at her house. And he certainly didn’t expect it to be the last day of his life:“After having dinner, they had intimate intercourse for about an hour and, while he was doing so, the deceased suddenly had difficulty breathing before he lost consciousness.”

A blue pill that doesn’t mix well with heart medication

The man, half-naked, had no visible injuries. And for good reason, the reason for his death is elsewhere. Indeed, once there, the investigators found a small khaki pouch. In it was a box of furosemide and a small blue Viagra pill. For information, the first substance is a drug. Which is used in particular in the treatment of arterial hypertension and edema linked to heart failure. The second pill is used by men to perform better in bed.

Yes, but. You should know that the blue pill facilitates the flow of blood into the penis. When you know the two treatments, you quickly realize that they do not really mix well. When you follow the rules, you can use them safely. But when you don’t respect them, you take a risk for your health. That’s what happened with this man, unfortunately. Moreover, you should know that theThe rules are set by international recommendations. And they are regularly reassessed by experts.

A growing number of deaths

According to information from Nairobi News, the number of deaths of men during sexual intercourse are rising sharply. A few days before this tragedy, police in Migori County, still in Kenya, arrested a 24-year-old woman after the death of her 52-year-old lover. The latter lost his life in the middle of their antics…

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