Their daughter Vittoria as a child with a planetary star, they are fans!


Parents of Princesses Vittoria (born December 28, 2003) and Luisa (born August 16, 2006), Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy (50 years old) and Clotilde Courau (53 years old) were married on September 25, 2003 in Rome, in the basilica Sainte-Marie-des-Anges-et-des-Martyrs. A proud dad with many high-ranking connections, the prince unveiled his eldest’s very privileged first music lesson with international star Paul McCartney.

In the photo, the little girl, dressed in a denim skirt and a white T-shirt with multicolored hearts, appears with the guitarist discovering his instrument. “Found this picture of Vittoria’s first guitar lesson…” (“I found this photo of Vittoria’s first guitar lesson…“), wrote the prince in the caption, also adding the hashtags #paulmccartney #beatles #taroudant #lagazelledor #music #guitar.

Now 18, the young girl is already very committed and had notably appeared at the Zahony station welcoming families arriving from Ukraine, before going to a refugee camp in Ubla, Slovakia, but also in Poland. She studies the design and fashion in London and recently went on a shoot with the photographer Samuel Sarfati who had done a black and white portrait of her where she looks like two drops of water to her mother (see slideshow).

Recently, the couple – who live at a distance, living in…

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