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The young elected representatives of Gruissan impressed during the pasta party

During the pasta party organized for the benefit of AES and the CCAS (our edition of April 4), the elected officials of the Municipal Children’s Council (CME) had taken their role to heart. Going beyond the tasks initially assigned to them.

From the top of his 10 years, Charlie Codorniou, mayor of this CME, had improvised a speech thanking the more than 200 participants for having played the game “because it allows to have money for the needy”. Helping people was his motivation to get elected last year. “What Morgana was doing [NDLR : sa prédécesseur] pleased me. So I wanted to be mayor. I do the board work, I help run the projects.”. Another surprise reserved by these children, a play thought up, created and scripted in the greatest secrecy by four little CM1 children. It all started with a game between Maelys Fayant-Molina and Salomé Nirde: imagining advertising spots. As the pasta party approached, with their comrades Manon Chatagner and Séléna Thomas, they wanted to raise awareness about poverty through a mini show. A municipal councilor, Maelys remembers those grown-ups who talked about the CME when she was at CP, which aroused her curiosity. Now that she is of age, joining the body was obvious. Inexhaustible on safety and the environment, she sees herself working later in a green job, or else, teacher, or school principal. She plays the clarinet, just like Salomé. Salomé who, at the age of 8, wants to become… President of the Republic! His program is already ready: “Making taxes on the rich to give to hospitals, to the poor, to schools, installing underground waste bins that identify and recycle what is deposited there”. In case she is not elected, she foresees several plans B: aviator, painter, architect or writer. Asked, Manon, heritage assistant, plays the transverse flute, the bass, plays tennis, skates. As for Selena, she chose to show up at the CME to pitch her ideas. Figure skating, horse riding and music keep him busy. Architecture or profession with the children, she still hesitates. The tone is set. The CME 2021/2022 is under the sign of enthusiasm and joie de vivre.

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