the world of cinema salutes the “courage” of the actress

Actress Charlotte Valandrey, known for her role in the series “Les Cordier, magistrate et cop”, died at the age of 53

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“He is someone who never gave up”, paid tribute this Wednesday on franceinfo Dominique Besnehard, after the announcement of the death of Charlotte Valandrey at the age of 53. The one who was his friend and agent, describes an actress for whom he had a “deep admiration.”

Star at 16 thanks to Red Kiss, Charlotte Valandrey saw her destiny change at the age of 18 when she discovered her HIV status. Several times heart transplant recipient, victim of a heart attack in 2008. She had “a real temper”said of her Dominique Besnehard: “He is someone who has had a lot of misfortunes in his life.” Known for her role in the series Les Cordiers, judge and copshe had chosen to publicize her HIV status, with the publication of her autobiography love in the blooda big bookstore success (180,000 sales) adapted into a TV movie.

Director Josée Dayan, who filmed Charlotte Valandrey in The Traction Gangalso remembers an actress with “lots of character”. “She was a lovely actress, very spontaneous, just the way I like them”. The director confides that at the time Charlotte Valandrey could not be insured on the set, because of rumors about her HIV status. “That’s one of the reasons why I chose it anyway, I thought it was not normal.”

Josée Dayan evokes a “injustice” when talking about Charlotte Valandrey’s career. “His first role in ‘Rouge Baiser’ was absolutely flamboyant… It didn’t really follow behind, though I don’t really know why.”

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