The US Department of Justice is preparing a lawsuit against Apple

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is considering the terms of a lawsuit against Apple for monopoly abuse says Politico. The equivalent of our Ministry of Justice would only be in a preliminary phase of drafting this complaint, but this reflects a desire to prepare for a trial in good and due form, as Microsoft has known for example. at the start of the 2000s.

The attack would open several fronts, that of the monopoly of the App Store as a platform for downloading apps, that of the payment system on this same platform, or even that of the way in which Apple can rule out competing equipment by restricting their access to its system functions. Tile, the maker of the eponymous trackers, would be questioned by investigators.

AirTag: Tile director asks Apple to be fair

AirTag: Tile director asks Apple to be fair

The DOJ is already busy investigating Google and its advertising practices and its search engine. Regarding Apple, Potitico explains that the outcome of the lawsuit with Epic Games is being closely watched – there has been an appeal on both sides – in order to refine the possible terms of the complaint.


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