the TV movie was shot in a very special place for Alexandra Lamy

TF1 offers this Thursday, September 22 from 9:10 p.m. a new TV movie entitled Affected. First realization of Alexandra Lamy, this fiction has a very particular flavor for the former star ofA boy a girl. Here’s why…

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In Affected, broadcast this Thursday, September 22 on TF1 from 9:10 p.m., tells the story of Lucie (Mélanie Doutey), Tamara (Chloé Jouannet) and Nicole (Claudia Tagbo). All three victims of sexual violence, these women follow a therapeutic fencing workshop through an association. Together, they will find the strength to start rebuilding themselves. First realization of Alexandra Lamy, who therefore turns her daughter, this fiction is very special in more ways than one for the former star ofA boy a girl.

Affected was filmed in a place dear to the heart of Alexandra Lamy

The TV movie Affected was shot at the end of spring 2021 in Anduze, in the Cévennes, the city where Alexandra Lamy grew up. “During the shoot, there was a kind of osmosis between the technical team, the artistic team, and the people from my region who really supported us. Extremely strong emotions“, told us Alexandra Lamy. Why did you choose such a place? “I chose my region because I know it and its nature gives me strength. I liked the idea that we must not forget that in a small sunny village there are also victims, but also full of associations.

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Anduze, a central place in the life of Alexandra Lamy

Born in the Val-de-Marne in 1971, Alexandra Lamy grew up in the Gard and in particular in Anduze. In 1990, to make her desire to become an actress a reality, Alexandra Lamy took lessons at the Nîmes conservatory. Nine years later, the actress is revealed to the general public for her role in A boy a girl. She plays Alex, in a relationship with Jean played by Jean Dujardin. Over the years, the actors get closer and reality meets fiction. The lovebirds thus choose Anduze to marry on July 25, 2009, before separating in 2013. Today, Alexandra Lamy has a house there and comes there regularly to recharge her batteries.

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