The tiramisu recipe of chef Jérémy Viale, world pizza champion

Jeremy Viale’s recipe

Preparation time: 25 minutes
Ingredient for 10 people:

500g mascarpone

330g liquid cream

130g of sugar

3 egg whites

130g egg yolk

1 ristretto

30 spoon cookies

5 cups of coffee

30g cocoa powder

10 speculoos

Recipe flow:

Using a mixer, mix the egg yolks and whites as well as the sugar at high speed for about 10 minutes. The preparation should at least triple in volume.

In a bowl, pour a ristretto over the mascarpone to loosen it.

Then whip the whipping cream using a whisk or mixer then gently incorporate it with the mascarpone into the egg and sugar mixture.

In a dish, mount the tiramisu by alternating a layer of sponge cake soaked in coffee and a layer of mascarpone mixture and repeat the operation a second time. Leave to rest overnight in the refrigerator. Before serving, sprinkle with cocoa powder and crumbled speculoos. It’s ready.

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