The TFC signs with Tutti Pizza and will send a player to a supporter

Until now, the TFC collected around 4 million euros in advertising sponsorship (in Ligue 1) and 2.2 million in Ligue 2. For comparison, Paris FC was 6 million two years ago and the Paris SG 290 million.

Today and while waiting for the naming of the Stadium (which could bring in between 500,000 and 2 million euros depending on what is currently practiced), the club has signed a new partnership with Tutti Pizza. According to our information, the pizzeria brand, well established in Toulouse, paid around 50,000 euros to the TFC.


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In exchange for this sum, the Tutti Pizza brand is displayed on the screens of the Stadium, on the edge of the field (1 minute of visibility is guaranteed) and even on the interview panel, just behind the player interviewed by the press.

Two moments of good humor could also take place. The first would be that a Tèf player appears with a pizza from Tutti. The second is that a player from the training center will be invited to follow a TFC match at a fan’s house, around a good pizza. Finally, Tutti has the possibility of using the forecourt of the Stadium for a special occasion which remains to be defined.

In summary, these 50,000 euros may seem anecdotal given the Toulouse budget, but this new partnership shows that the new Téfécé is attractive. Especially since Tutti Pizza is a pure Toulouse product that could attract another, like Airbus?


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