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the schoolgirl who had stabbed her father to death, placed in a specialized psychiatric center

One of the two 13-year-old teenagers had killed her father with several stab wounds, injured her mother and her little sister with the complicity of a friend of the same age. They said they acted on behalf of the Creepy pasta, characters from scary legends on the Internet.

The homicide occurred in Fabrègues to the west of Montpellier (Hérault), on Sunday March 13. The father of the family had been stabbed to death in his villa in a residential area, shot in the heart. His wife and one of their three children were also seriously injured by the same weapon. The adult had suffered a lung injury and the eight-year-old girl suffered a kidney injury. The couple’s eldest daughter, aged thirteen, was arrested by the gendarmes. She had apparently taken refuge with the parents of her friend, 14, who was also apprehended by the soldiers.

The two young teenage girls are said to have carried out the murder under the influence of a dark subculture on the Internet: “creepy pasta”. A fairly old phenomenon on the Internet, which had been talked about a few years ago, in particular through news items in the United States of America. The two young girls apparently bathed in this universe still very present on the web, through photos, sinister stories or videos.

The two young girls had been imprisoned in two penitentiary centers in the south of France, report our colleagues from Midi libre. A warrant of deposit of six months pronounced against them. The psychiatrists who examined the teenager who killed her father, under the influence of creepy pastas considered that his discernment had been abolished at the time of the events. It could be recognized as being criminally irresponsible.

“The principal will be judged by the Chamber of Instruction which will assess the criminal irresponsibility. If this is what is retained, she will not be punished (which is different and although she has served six months of pre-trial detention ) but will carry all her life the fact of having been driven on the occasion of a psychic disorder to kill someone she loved, her father, and to hurt her mother and her sister. his responsibility must also be clearly determined by the competent court. The family is above all devastated by the tragedy and its terrible consequences”, says Iris Christol, lawyer for the family of the alleged perpetrator of the crime and her family.

At the end of the summer, the young girl who killed her father was placed in a specialized child psychiatric centre. The other teenager, initially sent back to her family, will be placed in a reinforced educational center at the request of the Montpellier prosecutor’s office.

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