The record jackpot of 230 million euros again in play this Friday

No player pocketed the €230 million jackpot at stake in the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday. This incredible sum was thrown into play since no one had checked the winning combination either the previous Friday. It will be offered again this Friday, indicates the FDJ website. Never has the amount to be won by the winners of the first row of the European lottery been so high, specifies BFMTV.

However, the record could soon be broken again. Because if the jackpot does not fall, it will be offered again on Friday July 15. This will also be the case on the following Tuesday and Friday if no winner pockets the jackpot. The amount awarded to the lucky first-row winners could then reach 250 million euros if the FDJ decides to unlock this level, explains the TirageGagnant site.

The jackpot will fall for sure

The draw on Friday, July 22, on the other hand, will necessarily put an end to the suspense. Whatever happens, the jackpot will be distributed that day. It will be awarded either to the big winner or shared between European players who have validated combinations allowing them to win second-tier prizes. This requires having found the five correct numbers as well as one out of two stars.

If the sum won by these bettors does not amount to hundreds of millions of euros, it still allows a radical change of existence. For example, on Tuesday there were five of them spread across Europe and will each receive a check for an amount exceeding 4.5 million euros.

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