The recipe for pasta cacio e pepe (Pecorino and pepper) from Uncino

By Manon C. Published on April 6, 2020 at 4:24 p.m.

Tired of gruyere pasta? Try to reproduce the recipe of the chef of Uncino of pasta cacio e pepe, pasta with Pecorino and pepper.

Since a large part of the French have flocked to pasta in the supermarkets, you might as well put these reserves to good use and cook something other than pasta with Gruyère!

Exactly, the Chef Gabriele Muti of the Uncino restaurant invites you to discover its recipe for cacio e pepe pastaof the Pecorino and pepper pasta.

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Cacio e pepe (pecorino and pepper) pasta recipe from Uncino

For 2 people

Ingredients :
– 150 g Pecorino romano (if you find the pecorino too salty, you can add 2/3 pecorino and 1/3 parmesan)
– 10g of black pepper (depending on your taste and the strength of your pepper)
– 200g pasta
– 8g of salt per liter of water for cooking pasta

Preparation :

Finely grate the cheese and set aside in a small bowl.

Put the water to boil.

In a pan, put the finely ground pepper and roast it over low heat. By heating the pepper will release a powerful aroma, if you breathe it, it stings!

Put the pasta to cook (half the cooking time indicated on the package).

A few minutes before the end of cooking, add a little cooking water to the cheese and start working it.

Add a little water gradually. Mix well to obtain a compact ball

Add cooking water to the roasted pepper then add the pasta. You must finish cooking the pasta in the pan by adding the cooking water as you go.

When the cooking is finished, the starch released by the pasta, the water and the pepper will form a sort of creamy sauce, so turn off the heat.

Remove from the heat, pour in the cheese ball and continue to mix until everything binds together. The sauce becomes creamy, dress immediately because the sauce coagulates quickly.

Chef’s tip: the amount of water to add for the second frying depends on the nature of the pasta: If it is artisanal, it will require more water than industrial pasta. Add the water little by little, as you would for a risotto, to have neither too much water nor too little.

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