the rare confidences of Cyril Hanouna on his ex Emilie, the mother of his children

Waiting for the great return of Do not touch My TV Monday August 29 on C8, Cyril Hanouna makes unpublished confessions about his family life. He notably mentioned his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Émilie and his children.

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It’s almost the end of a long wait for viewers of Do not touch My TV. Orphans of the successful C8 talk show, they will be able to find the whole band led by Cyril Hanouna from August 29 and live. If the host remains discreet for the moment on the content of this highly anticipated return, he gave a confession interview to the podcast carried by entrepreneurs Elise Goldfarb and Julia Layani. The show looks back on the career of a personality and what led him to success, by unfolding astonishing family anecdotes.

Cyril Hanouna still gets along very well with his ex Emilie

We could finally summarize the current life of Cyril Hanouna quite simply: “Everything is fine”. I have to say that the host continues to make the heyday of C8, returning to the race for audiences and appearing as the leader on commercial targets every night of the week. But the star producer of the Canal+ group is also a father. He talks about it regularly on his show, broadcast live every day, but also on social networks. Recently, he made a short video “a few days before the start of the school year” with his daughter Bianca, and earlier this year he recounted the very funny birthday party he organized for his son Lino. But when asked in the podcast Elise & Juliahe gave some information about the relationship he has with his ex-girlfriend, Émilie, from whom he has been separated since 2019. “We love each other, I have it on the phone every day”he claims, also revealing that she has not rebuilt her life: “She had guys, it’s fine, she sent me a photo, I carried her away, we laughed (…) He’s a love my ex, I adore him, we’re still very close.

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The animator confides in his children

Very close to his children, Cyril Hanouna is also attentive to the problems they may experience at school: “I ask them every time. You know what I see that’s not hot? My son, he has long hair. At ten years old, if they take your head, you cut your hairhe theorizes. “He has character”he explains, saying that his son wants to be an influencer“.

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