The PS5 makes prices soar, Apple confirms the launch date of the iPhone 14, this is the recap

The PS5 sees its price increase by €50, Apple confirms the presentation of the iPhone 14 for September 7, Nvidia will probably follow with its RTX 4000… welcome to the recap of the day before!

Credits: Sony

Yesterday, Sony took everyone by surprise by announcing a surprise price hike for the PS5. With €50 more on the bill, we can’t really talk about good news, unlike the confirmation of the Far out event in early September, and with it the arrival of the iPhone 14. Same story at Nvidia, which teases the imminent arrival of its RTX 4000 for this fall.

Sony raises the price of the PS5 by surprise

It’s a surprise that we could have done without. Yesterday, Sony announced a price hike for its PS5. The standard model and the Digital Edition both increase by €50, thus increasing their respective bill to €549.49 and €399.99. Surprise which, in reality, is not really one, since inflation has already pushed many manufacturers to make this same decision, in particular Microsoft with its Xbox Series in India.

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See you on September 7 to discover the iPhone 14

We were only waiting for the official confirmation from Apple, it’s now done. The Far out event, which will be an opportunity to present the new iPhone 14s, will be held on September 7, 2022. Note that the conference will therefore be held on a Wednesday, which denotes the habits of the firm which generally organizes its keynotes on tuesday. The event should also be an opportunity to discover the Apple Watch Series 8.

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Nvidia announces half-word the presentation of the RTX 4000 for September

At least, that’s what the boss of the Greens suggests, who is already announcing revelations for the GTC, which will take place on September 20. There is a good chance for the event to be the occasion to officially present the new Lovelace architecture. In theory, the RTX 4000s should soon follow suit.

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