the program announces the death of Aline, who came to testify against Faustine Bollaert in 2021

This Friday, August 26, the teams of It starts today announced the death of Aline, one of the guests of the show in January 2021. The young woman, who had explained that she had been a slave to her aunt for several years, had delivered a moving testimony.

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In January 2021, Faustine Bollaert hosted a number of It starts today dedicated to slavery, legal and social system illegal but still existing in some cases in France. One of the show’s guests, Aline, testified to tell what she experienced when she arrived in France. Originally from Côte d’Ivoire, Aline arrived in France at the age of 8, after a request from her aunt to send her to school in the country while promising her a bright future. Not seeing the harm that could happen to her daughter, little Aline’s parents sent her to her aunt so that she would have better chances in her studies.

Aline had delivered a moving testimony in It starts today

But the girl went from dream to nightmare. “You are here in France to take care of the house and not to go to school“, had testified the main interested party in front of Faustine Bollaert taken aback.At 8 years old, I didn’t understand everything. I had to take care of his six children. I washed clothes in cold water, got into the bathtub and washed. If I did it wrong, I took hits. I couldn’t call my parentsthen declared Aline, moved by her stolen years. “When I made a dish and it was not good, she threw it on the floor and she told me to start again”she added. I felt alone, I cried every day, I even thought about dying“, she explained, on the verge of tears.

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“Faustine and the whole team think infinitely of Aline and her loved ones

Following this moving testimony, Aline had received many messages of support after his passage in It starts today… This Friday, August 26, the teams of the show announced his death in a message published on social networks. “It is with emotion and sadness that we learned of Aline’s disappearance. In January 2021, she told her heavy story, a victim of domestic slavery, she had managed to regain her freedom. Faustine and the whole team think infinitely of Aline and her loved onesthey wrote.

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