The Pont-Aven museum receives an important artistic and financial bequest

The establishment notably inherited dozens of paintings bequeathed by Yves Marmin, an art lover who died in April 2020 at the age of 78.

The Pont-Aven museum (Finistère), dedicated to Paul Gauguin and his disciples, received an important bequest made up of some 70 works, including a drawing by the French painter, as well as more than one million euros. is he congratulated on Tuesday. “This is the first time in its history that the Pont-Aven museum has received such an important bequest.“, rejoices the museum in a press release. “This miracle is the result of the very generous and philanthropic approach of Yves Marmin“, Continues the institution, about the art lover who died in April 2020 at the age of 78.

The legacy consists of some 70 works, including around thirty linked to the school of Pont-Aven, a movement bringing together painters who met Gauguin in the small town and who were more or less influenced by him. These will become part of the museum’s permanent collection. Among the works bequeathed, some are signed Henry Moret, Ferdinand Loyen du Puigaudeau, Gustave Loiseau, Maxime Maufra, Henri Delavallée, Wladyslaw Slewinski, Louis Roy, Émile Jourdan, but also Paul Sérusier or Émile Bernard. The centerpiece of the legatee’s collection: a drawing by Paul Gauguin.

Without descendants, the latter also donated to the museum an apartment located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, the proceeds of which will bring in around 1.2 million euros. “This money will allow us to buy works that were not at all within our reach until then, such as paintings by Emile Bernard or Paul Sérusier.“, welcomed to AFP Sophie Kervran, director of the museum, stressing that the annual acquisition budget of the museum was around 100,000 euros.

city ​​of painters

The Pont-Aven museum has 4,500 works and archive documents, including some 430 paintings. It is devoted to the history of the town as a city of painters since 1862 and the arrival of the first American painters, through Gauguin’s stays and the birth of pictorial modernity with the “syntheticism», a form of art in which we no longer seek to represent things as they are, but as the artist sees them.


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