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the pizza world champion comes from Haute-Savoie



Gastronomy: the pizza world champion comes from Haute-Savoie
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In Rome, Laura Michel won the pizza world championship at the age of 19 in October. The young girl works in her family’s restaurant in Haute-Savoie.

At 19, Laura Michel is world pizza champion. She won the title in October 2022, in Rome, against 75 competitors. “I don’t realize that I really won, for me I presented a recipe, it pleased”explains Laura Michel Pizzaïola – Restaurant “exit 15”. She was unanimous with a pizza of her creation: burrata, basil cream, blueberry vinegar, cherry tomatoes. To complete the recipe, she adds a new ingredient, guanciale, an Italian bacon.

In the family restaurant, located in Haute-Savoie, the pizza, called the champion, is appreciated by customers. “It gives a slightly sweet taste, it’s quite pleasant”, says a man. Laura Michel learned with her father, himself passionate about pizzas and competitions. “I’m proud, I’m very proud. I wish any father of a family to compete with his son or his daughter, it’s very rare in France”says the father of Laura Michel.

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