the pizza party in prison between inmates and guards finally canceled

In 2022, the prison of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier in Nord-Isère celebrates its 30th anniversary.

The management of the prison had then had the idea of ​​​​offering guards and prisoners a pizza evening. Everything was ready: a truck and its pizza maker were going to be authorized to enter the prison grounds to serve fresh pizzas to everyone.

Except that the news has caught up with Saint-Quentin-Fallavier. In addition to the episode of Kohlanness at the prison of Fresnes, the unions evoked tensions between prisoners.

Because not everyone was going to be invited to the pizza party: only the wisest, who had not posed disciplinary problems, were concerned. Order forms were also to be distributed, but there was pressure, racketeering behind bars for the prison bosses, deprived of evenings, to collect more pizzas.

Faced with all these problems, the management gave up on this wasted idea. In the end, no one will be entitled to their pizza.



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