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“The only freezer we have is for ice cream”

“We opened the restaurant in July, but it’s a project that’s been in my head for fifteen years now,” says Lionel Bordes. A few years ago, I left for training in Italy with Didier, already very involved in the world of hotels and restaurants, who is now the manager of the pizzeria. Following this training, we had postponed the idea, for lack of a good place and the right time to settle. »

And then finally, the planets aligned in 2022, with an ambition for quality that involves the supply of fresh produce: “The only freezer we have is for ice cream; everything else is fresh and short circuit, local, local and excellent Italian products. The logistics are a bit difficult but it allows us to offer quality in terms of taste. »

24 hour distributor

And the customers were not mistaken. Rated 4.9/5 by 41 reviews on Google, Lionel Bordes says he is happy with the feedback from his customers, relying on word of mouth to make himself known. “We have people who come from further and further away, from Pau, from Dax; others who take advantage of their passage, like the drivers, to stop at our place. Recently, we also have a 24-hour distributor that we supply with our fresh pizzas, every day. This allows people who have not yet recovered from the Covid period to be able to taste our pizzas, without necessarily entering a restaurant. »

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