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the number 1 all categories at Apple

Normally, the Apple Watch Ultra will arrive at the first customers who have purchased it no later than tomorrow, Friday, September 23. But the lucky ones have already been able to receive the connected watch in advance, whether it’s the fault of the delivery services or because they are influencers. A customer was able to obtain the device after ordering it from the American operator AT&T:

With him, many media also took to the game of getting started videos, after those of the iPhone 14 Pro. Among these contents, we can cite in particular the English-language newspaper CNET, which highlights the more wrapped format of the wearable, but also its almost foolproof robustness. For the site, there is no photo: the Apple Watch Ultra is unequivocally better than the other models, including the Apple Watch Series 8.

You can find the opinion of CNET below :

Youtubers praise it

Brownlee Marks, A.K.A. MKBHD, was also able to try the Apple Watch Ultra before everyone else. The creator talks about its price, among other things, which he clearly does not intend for all audiences. It is true that you still have to pay 999 euros (at least!) to afford the beast, to personalize with the bracelet of your choice among dozens of different models.

Here is the handling of MKBHDalso in English:

iJustine, for its part, took advantage of the waterproof features of the Apple Watch Ultra by going to test it in the swimming pool. Here too, guaranteed results: the screen is easily readable even under water and its new depth gauge allows it to replace a real small dive computer. The watch is also certified to equip specialists in this discipline.

The video ofiJustine (also in English):

Buying the Apple Watch Ultra: yes or no?

If we had to sum up most of the feedback published so far about the new Apple Watch Ultra, we could say that it is without hesitation a queen of performance that looks like a little marvel. The size of its display, enlarged to 49mmis particularly praised by critics because it offers better visual comfort in everyday life.

Only downside: the price, of course, which reaches almost a thousand euros. But for a product sometimes equivalent to those of Garmin, it is justified, because the price range is close to it.

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