The new Apple Watch Ultra designed for extreme sports is really very big

During its back-to-school keynote, Apple formalized the Apple Watch Ultra, an ultra-ambitious smartwatch designed for the most demanding users. Athletes and sportsmen in mind.

Every year during its back-to-school event, Apple unveils a new Apple Watch. But, for a few editions, we can’t say that the smart watch has raised the crowds, the fault of developments that are too minor to make an impression. In 2022, the Cupertino company is shaking up habits by presenting the Apple Watch Ultra.

As indicated by the suffix Ultra reserved for the most advanced products in the catalog, the Apple Watch Ultra is defined as the most ambitious watch ever created by Apple. It is designed to offer additional features, less suitable for the general public (for them, there is the Apple Watch Series 8, which is changing little), more for demanding people. The Apple Watch Ultra is aimed in particular at sportswomen and sportsmen who feel the need to have a watch that is more in tune with their passion.

Apple Watch Ultra // Source: Numerama screenshot

The Apple Watch Ultra is a big watch

The Apple Watch Ultra certainly won’t be everyone’s watch, if only for its size (49mm case). It sports a much larger screen than the largest of the Apple Watch Series 8. On the wrist, it’s really… imposing. Of course, Apple touts the larger display area. This allows the screen to gather more information at the same time, which increases productivity. Athletes love being able to quickly access several data (calories burned, number of meters covered, heart rate, etc.). This Apple Watch will have no problem showing them off. Apple considers it the Apple Watch for adventure and exploration. The screen is brighter to make reading easier in direct sunlight (bright peak at 2,000 nits).

Apple has also worked on the robustness of the Apple Watch Ultra, which will only be offered in an aerospace titanium finish with an IP6X resistance index for dust (and underwater up to 100 meters). The accessory is really designed with a durability argument in mind, in order to catch the eye of extreme sports enthusiasts (they won’t be afraid of damaging it). It has a reinforced case, to which straps designed for more extreme activities can be attached (Alpine buckle, Trail buckle, Ocean strap). Just in case, you can sound an 86 decibel siren to attract attention.

The Apple Watch Ultra also differs from the normal version by adding an exclusive button, called action, which is programmable. It can for example serve as a shortcut to his favorite fitness application. The Digital Crown and the basic button are still there to provide the functions we already know, except that they are larger. It also offers an additional speaker. You will also find a whole range of ultra-precise sensors (double-frequency GPS in mind). It can even be used for scuba diving up to 40 meters: it is EN13319 certified.

And, of course, we are promised doubled autonomy: 36 hours on a single charge, compared to 18 for normal – Apple is talking about doing a marathon with it, especially in complex urban patterns, using the L1 and L5 GPS. It can go up to 60 hours with the new energy saving mode.

Apple Watch Ultra // Source: Numerama screenshot

What about the Apple Watch Series 8?

There will of course be an Apple Watch Series 8 to replace last year’s Apple Watch Series 7. It will bring some changes related to health, more particularly to menstrual cycles because “ women’s health matters “. In particular, there will be a temperature sensor to better anticipate the ovulation period. The Apple Watch Series 8 is also equipped with new tracking sensors, which may prove useful in the event of a road accident.

Apple Event — September 7 19-59 screenshot
The Apple Watch Series 8 // Source: Numerama screenshot

Autonomy is still given at 18 hours on a single charge. But there will finally be an energy saving mode to double this autonomy. It’s designed to retain a few key features without draining the battery too much. This feature will not be exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 8.

Otherwise, the Apple Watch Series 8 is the same as the Apple Watch Series 7. There will be four colors for aluminum (blue, red, midnight, starlight) and three for steel (steel, silver, gold ).

The Apple Watch Series 8 // Source: Numerama screenshot

There will also be a new Apple Watch SE

Apple completes its Apple Watch line with a new generation of the SE model. The entry-level, at €299, will be available in three aluminum shades (silver, starlight and midnight). It has a 30% larger screen than the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch Ultra // Source: Numerama screenshot

Apple Watch Ultra price and release date

The Apple Watch Ultra will be available from September 23, priced at €999. Pre-orders open this Wednesday, September 7. The Apple Watch Series 8 starts at €499.

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