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The monthly subscription invites itself into F&B offers: The case of Pizza Del Arte

F&B subscription

Classic catering was particularly impacted by the rise of telework in the aftermath of the health crisis. To regain sufficient attendance rates, the pizzeria chain Del Arte is testing a new subscription model in a selection of its restaurants.

For 34.99 euros per month, subscribers can eat once a day in any restaurant in the chain offering this offer. An offer for students and employees whose food budget has tightened due to inflation. The €34.99 will be profitable from 4 visits per month.

Please note that this offer is subject to a number of conditions:

  • The menu is not eligible for this offer, only 7 dishes are. Drinks, coffee and desserts are not included either.
  • This offer is only available on meals eaten on site.
  • Only 13 Pizza Del Arte restaurants are currently eligible for this offer (out of 200 Pizza Del Arte restaurants in France).
  • The subscription is personal and cannot be lent.
  • The minimum commitment period of this subscription is 6 months, cancellable only once this period has passed.

The objective of this commercial strategy is twofold for the brand: to retain new customers with a hyper competitive call price and to highlight its brand in the media thanks to a disruptive proposal.

The question of the profitability of this system arises:

To be profitable, via the sale of subscriptions, the channel must reach a sufficient number of subscriptions and counts on the fact that few of its customers/subscribers will really use, to its maximum, the “unlimited” side of the offer. . It is necessary that each customer does not have lunch more than twice a week in the sign to remain in the positive. The brand’s management also relies on the traffic generated by non-subscriber “accompanying” customers.

With a limited and undiversified offer, the brand is also betting on the potential “next door” not included in the formula that could be ordered once on site.

Points of attention:

  • Pizza del Arte’s proposal goes against the trend of eating better and it is to be feared that an offer driven solely by costs will have the effect of dragging down quality.
  • The principle of subscription around a limited selection of products resembles what mass catering offered a few years ago: un model deserted by employees and in free fall for several years.
  • We can therefore question the potential success of an economically fragile system that is not very much in line with current major consumer trends in France: the search for meaning, experience, the notion of pleasure, CSR, etc.

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