The man shot at the Napoli pizzeria was a regular at the place

The fifty-year-old victim of an attempted murder at the Napoli pizzeria on Tuesday afternoon in Montreal, was a regular at the establishment.

“He was a good customer, who came two, three times a week. He’s not a stranger,” restaurant owner Vincenzo Montuori told TVA Nouvelles shortly after the event.

Mr. Montuori was at his restaurant when the man was shot on the terrace, but saw nothing. However, he claimed to have heard two gunshots.

“My niece was in there and she was doing paperwork and she heard ‘boom, boom,’ that’s it,” he added.

The restaurateur knew the man shot by the first name of Diego, without really knowing more about him. The victim usually spent between an hour and a half and three hours in the pizzeria, working on his laptop.

“He was always at the first table, near the window. It was his place. A good guy,” said Mr. Montuori who assured that he “never had bad business with him”.

“My reservations tonight… I don’t know what’s happening,” worries the owner. The restaurant will be closed for the day, said Mr. Montuori.

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