The Lord of the Rings Trailer: Galadriel Heralds the Return of Evil in New Rings of Power Images

A month and a half before the launch of the “Rings of Power”, Amazon Prime Video unveils a brand new trailer for its event series inspired by the work of Tolkien.

Amazon Prime Video

Only 50 short days left before discovering the first episodes of the Rings of Power on Amazon Prime Video!

While the countdown is on, the event series inspired by the work of JRR Tolkien and dedicated to the Second Age of Middle-earth has just offered a brand new trailer.

Particularly rich, this new trailer of 2 minutes and 30 seconds allows us to glimpse in turn the two trees of Valinor (well known to fans of the Silmarillion and essential in Tolkien’s mythology), as well as representatives of each people of Middle-earth.

The three characters who seem to stand out from these few images are Galadriel, who refuses to hang up her sword, convinced that “the enemy is still there”Elrond, who apparently tries to convince her that the threat has been eradicated, and a young Hobbit, who appears as the trailer’s narrator.

“The Elves have their forests to protect, the Dwarves have their mines, Men have their fields, but we Hobbits can count on each other”she says at the beginning.

Jumbled up, we can also see the island kingdom of Númenor, a city of Dwarves, a dark vision of Galadriel, a duel against a wolf, and the landing of a mysterious meteor.

From September 2, fans of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings will once again be able to walk the paths of the vast world created by Tolkien, in this new series which will take place several thousand years before the events described in the saga of Peter Jackson.

Composed of 10 episodes (the first 3 of which will be available from the day of launch), it will consist of 5 seasons, and will return in particular to the creation of the Rings of Power by the evil Sauron, as well as to the fatal destiny of Numenorthe island kingdom of Men.

As we specified above, we will nevertheless come across some familiar faces, and in particular those of the Elves Galadriel (played by Morfydd Clark for the occasion) and Elrond (camped by Robert Aramayo, the young Ned Stark from Game of Thrones) .

While waiting for September 2, (re)discover the first trailer for “Rings of Power”…

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