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The longest train, talking boxes and a pizza box –

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Christopher Schenk [RTS]

Christophe Schenk – Journalist RTS info

Having the feeling of getting up an hour later than usual on a Monday morning is priceless. And if, like the change of time modeled on the amount of sunshine, we adapted the rhythms of life to the energy supply rather than to the demand, by limiting fossil fuels, but also the storage of energy? This is the concept of a “sunflower society”imagined by the Federal Materials Research Laboratory (EMPA).


The longest train

25 trains, 100 wagons and 1910 meters long: it is the largest passenger train in the world and it rolled this Sunday in Graubünden, on the legendary Albula line. A technical feat that fascinated the spectators who came to admire this veritable metal snake.

Boxes to talk

At the time of automatic checkouts and all-digital, the canton of Basel-city has just inaugurated 2 Plauderkassen. Literally “chat boxes”, installed in a supermarket and in a pharmacy, where customers are encouraged to take their time and have a chat. A way to fight against the loneliness that affects many people.

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A pizza box

Perhaps you already have a gourd, to avoid buying bottles of water, and a thermos, to no longer accumulate cups of coffee. To complete this panoply, here is now the pizza box, just to avoid stacking the boxes. Especially since contrary to appearances, these cannot be recycled as well as normal paper.


The secret of dragonflies

In addition to being veritable sanctuaries for biodiversity, ponds play an important role in the absorption of CO2. But during the last 2 centuries, 9 out of 10 ponds have disappeared in Switzerland. Hence the importance of monitoring the good health of those who remain. And for that, a good barometer is the dragonfly larvae.


A place for women in fiction

Do you know the Bechdel test? In 3 simple questions, it allows you to say whether a film is sexist or not. And above all to measure the under-representation of women in the fictional universe. In her latest book, Alice Zeniter wonders about “this whole half of the world” forgotten by fiction. And imagines new narrative perspectives, more diverse and collective, in a time when no hero “will kick ass at global warming”.

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The key to the sol…air

It is a house full of curves and windows, perched above Lake Geneva, in La Tour-de-Pelz (VD). Built in 1999, it responds to the poetic name of Clef de sol and lives in harmony with the sun, reconciling ecology and the art of living.

And if not, this week, it’s Halloween, and rather twice than once. Tonight for costumes, candies and spells. And on Sunday, for the ghost train, with a visit to The Cure in French-speaking Switzerland. And just to join the myth to the disguise and to dive back into the hits of the English group, I have concocted you a playlist of inspired and sometimes surprising coversfrom Dinosaur Jr to Adele, passing M and Nouvelle Vague.

Good listening, have a nice week and see you next Monday!

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