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Presented last June at WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference, the iOS 16 update is available for download for the general public on September 12. Apple announced the information during the iPhone 14 presentation keynote on Wednesday.

iPhone users will be able to discover in the next few hours the many new features of the interface, such as dynamic notifications, editable messages and new options for customizing the locked screen.

As the years go by, not all older models will be able to take advantage of the update. The download will be offered for iPhone 8 and later models. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus join the ranks of models gradually put aside by Apple.

We present to you these developments that are supposed to significantly improve the daily experience of the iPhone in the coming months.

The locked screen becomes customizable

The main change concerns the redesign of the locked screen. Apple will leave the possibility of personalizing in depth this first entry in the interface of the iPhone. iPhone users will only have to hold their finger on the screen to access multiple customization options with different filters, wallpapers, fonts, colors and widgets to configure as they wish.

For example, it will be possible to integrate a widget displaying the progress of a VTC reservation, a mini music player or a selection of the best photos from the iPhone album. Several personalized locked screens can be saved to easily switch from one to another.

Dynamic notifications

In addition to the deep customization of the lock screen, another novelty promises to change the relationship of iPhone users to their idle smartphone screen. Apple has announced that with iOS 16 it will be possible to display interactive notifications on the lower part of the locked screen, the “Lives activities”.

Unlike conventional alerts, displayed at the top of the screen, these will be dynamic and may display, for example, the estimated waiting time for a food delivery or the arrival of a taxi driver.

Dynamic notifications are coming to iPhone

Credit: Apple

The list of compatible applications has not yet been communicated, but Apple has also mentioned the possibility of following the live evolution of the score of a sports meeting. This function will not be available at the launch of the update but offered a little later in the year.

Tailor-made modes for concentrating

Apple has also improved how its “Focus” feature works to help customers focus better by determining which apps and content are allowed to display and muting others to eliminate distractions by depending on the context, at work or at home, for example. The update to iOS 16 introduces a system of “focus filters” to select predefined profiles as needed and change them quickly during the day.

The iPhone will offer concentration filters

The iPhone will offer concentration filters

Credit: Apple

Editing or modifying a tweet sent too quickly

The feature was highly anticipated by iPhone users. Like WhatsApp or Messenger, Apple will let users of the Messages app edit or delete a message misspelled or sent in error without the recipient being aware. Only condition: that the latter has not already read it, otherwise it will be notified. Otherwise, the sender has fifteen minutes to resume or cancel the transmission. It will also be possible add a tag to a message to think about answering it later.

the iPhone will allow you to edit a message a posteriori

the iPhone will allow you to edit a message a posteriori

Credit: Apple

Show the WiFi code to share it more easily

Normally, the Wi-Fi code appears in the form of a series of dots or stars, for security and confidentiality reasons, much like passwords. In fact, it is currently impossible to “retrieve” a Wi-Fi code that has already been registered, since the latter never appears in a readable manner. This will no longer be the case in iOS 16.

With iOS 16, it will be possible display the Wi-Fi code in full when you want to connect to a network. To recover it, you will have to go to the Wi-Fi section of the Settings. There, a new option dedicated to passwords will appear. This rather discreet addition can become a considerable time saver for sharing these laborious passwords.

Dictate a message more easily

When dictating a message on your iPhone now, you have to pause and switch to keyboard mode to correct a misunderstanding or punctuation error. With iOS 16, the keyboard will automatically show up while speaking to make it easier to edit text. The smartphone will also take care of adding the punctuation itself.

The iphone will automatically punctuate dictated messages

The iphone will automatically punctuate dictated messages

Credit: Apple

Automatic detection of duplicate photos

Apple also improves the operation of the photo album of the iPhone under iOS 16. The update should automatically detect duplicate photos saved in order to classify them in a specific album and allow the user to delete them quickly to free up storage space. Another novelty announced on Tuesday, the “Hidden” photo album and the album containing the deleted photos will now be protected by the access code or the usual authentication systems of the iPhone.

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