“The limit is not to try to convince people”

Vianney fully assumes his practice of the Catholic religion. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Guest of the program “Rendez-vous en terre unknown” this Thursday, August 25, 2022, Vianney flew to the Afar country in the company of Raphaël de Casabianca. A sacred experience for the singer, who has often confided in the importance of religion to accompany him in difficult times.

A coaching role in “The Voice”, a big tour for his latest album, a little boy who makes him happy: Vianney has a busy life, in which religion has a big place. Assumed and practicing Catholic, the young singer spoke about his faith on several occasions, which is quite unusual in France, where the subject is still taboo.

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A desire to “assume” this part of him

In March 2021, in an interview granted to the program “Sept à Huit”, he confided that he regularly went to Sunday mass, but did not often meet other show business personalities there. “I don’t see people in the business there,” he says before specifying: “Well yes, I see two or three, but who are hiding.” An attitude that he does not judge, but refuses to share. He affirms it: “I don’t blame them but I always thought that we had to assume who we were. (…) Strangely, I notice that people of the Muslim faith find it easier to assume it. So much the better. It’s part of us.”

In the columns of 20 Minutes, he confirmed that everyone was free to choose their religion. “People have sensitivities specific to themselves, they have beliefs, if they don’t believe in God, they believe in other things. We all have our thing. The fact of considering that we belong to a camp, I hate it. I don’t want to be ‘the men’s camp’, ‘the whites’ camp’, ‘the white French camp’. I find it so sad when we define ourselves that way. I wouldn’t like that we are in a community thing. It can be a reflex when it tears up, but we have to try to avoid that.”

“I’m always happy to answer if someone talks to me about it”

Today, Vianney no longer wants to have to hide his religion, since it is a facet of himself. “My belief is my business. I don’t encourage anyone to believe. It’s not an opinion, it’s a journey. It’s my path and it’s really my business. I’m always happy to answer if asked. talk about it, but it’s intimate.”

This is also the reason why he now freely talks about his faith when questioned about it. “Of course, I was asked questions when I assumed my beliefs but frankly I never suffered from it. People have always been understanding and I don’t attack anyone with that,” he said on TF1. No question for him of “doing evangelization”: “The limit is not trying to convince people. We are not here for that. It is our personal path but people have their own and you have to give them that freedom.”

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A vision of things that has not changed, since a few years ago, he had already affirmed in the columns of Paris Catholique that “some consider that one must constantly evoke one’s faith in order to testify, to convert. We we live in a time when everyone wants to convince with their ideas. I am not at all in this approach, which can sometimes be experienced as an attack. My faith has always been of the order of the intimate. It’s like a flame that I have within me.”

A real support in his career

Still, Vianney has always seen religion as a pillar of his life, a support. “I think that faith allows us to damage ourselves less”, he affirmed in Télématin in 2021. “What damages us is when we start to believe that we are the center of the world. hurts in the long run. I think faith makes us think that we really are just dust. As dust, we have the right to live good times. I am a super happy dust” , he concludes with humor.

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